247 Space Rocks

Space rocks are just just asteroids...they’re asteroids that wanna be blown up! Get ready to enjoy classic arcade game fun and bathe in 80s nostalgia with a retro-themed space shooter from 247 Games.

Your fleet? A solo spacecraft. Your Mission? Shoot and destroy every asteroid, saucer, and swarm that you encounter. Each Wave of enemies and asteroids will increase in difficulty as you progress through this modern arcade classic.

Whether you have a handful of minutes while waiting for takeout, or hours to post an all-time high score, launch your favorite web browser and play online for free on any of your devices — no download, sign-in, or app store visits required.

Simple retro gameplay that is fun for all ages!


Shoot and destroy enemies to clear each Wave. Destroy asteroids, saucers, and swarms earns points.


You get 3 continues. Please note that using a continue will show a video ad.


Saucers - Spaceships that shoot back. Watch out for their counter-fire!

Mines - Not just asteroids, these explode! If you fly too close, they can be deadly. Mines can also blow up asteroids and other enemies. Time it right, and mines can be a real strategic advantage.

Swarms - These angry little adversaries will leave you alone until you bug them! Be prepared to flee and fire against this opposition.


You can play using a Mouse, Keyboard + Trackpad, Mobile Touch, or an official Xbox or Playstation controller. Please use Google Chrome for official gaming controllers.

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